Yuruba treatment

"Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate." C.G.Jung

A three-phase acupressure-type treatment made with orange blossom hydrosol and the active component of Kola, an African sacred tree (non-hallucinogenic and used topically on the skin, ointment and essential oil), used in their tradition to reveal to us a little more about the submerged part of our iceberg called the unconscious.

1. Simple chakra cleansing

Our chakras connect the physical body to the subtle bodies and charge us with energy through their healthy rotations.

An unhealthy lifestyle, including negative thoughts and stress, are factors that create density in our chakras, thus slowing down the normal speed of rotation and decreasing the quality of energy provided.

The more the density process sets in, the more the speed of rotation decreases.  Uncorrected, the rotation of the chakras may stop or even reverse.

From then on, the chakra also works in reverse and begins to drain energy from the physical body.  This treatment decreases the dense energy charges within our chakras.

2. Cleansing of skeletal memories in the bones

bone cells have an average lifespan of 7 years.

Some memories of traumatic events that we have not consciously integrated are stored in the bones.  Genetic memories (since everything is transmitted through our DNA) are also stored there.  These memories can be the source of functioning mechanisms and/or false beliefs (conscious or unconscious) that limit the full expression of our creative potential.

This treatment facilitates the healing of physical traumas as well as the work of understanding process born out of the memories stored in our unconscious.

3. Balancing of the kundalini

the human body is composed of the feminine energy Yin and of the masculine energy Yang. Yin contains the potential of creation. Yang contains the potential for choice/direction.

This treatment harmonizes and balances these two energies within the body, thus facilitating access to an autonomous mode of operation for the realization of our projects.

Subtle and deep, this treatment brings real relaxation and continues to work the body for three days before the start of your integration session. I highly recommend this treatment during this "turbulent" times for both the body and the mind.

Healing session on site only, time approximative 90min, cost 180.- chf


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"Future medecine will be the medecine of frequencies". A.Eintsein

The human body have its own electromagnetic field. Each cell, tissue, organ has their own specific electromagnetic signature.

Through contact with the environment in which it evolves, the human body is continually in interference with other "foreign" frequencies, some of which are more difficult to harmonize (toxic metals, pesticides, bacteria, viruses, etc.) . These modify the vibratory oscillations of the body’s cells and therefor the electromagnetic fields which are related to them.

Bioresonance technology, derived from quantum physics and created by Russian scientists for astronaut missions, recognizes the electromagnetic signatures of each cell. It then analyzes whether a distortion has occurred due to an external factor (such as pathogenic elements, stress, etc.). At the same time, the researchers behind this technology identified and catalogued the electromagnetic signatures of the molecules used for various types of therapeutic treatments (allopathy, herbal medicine, essential oils, etc.) in order to create a vibrational medicine software (frequency).

Once identified (earlier the better), the peaks of disharmonic oscillations within an organism are corrected or even eliminated by sending pulsed electromagnetic waves to allow optimal energy usage to create homeostasis in the human body.

What kind of pathologies can be treated trough bioresonance ?

It is believed that the atomic structure of the human body is made up of 1% matter and 99% "emptiness" (made up of electromagnetic fields modifying the pattern, or shape of matter, that information takes).

Therefore through bioresonance and its frequency work, I think that our humanity is living the dawn of a revolutionary medical technology much closer to the very conception of Life, that is to say the possible concept of an information "source" that would take shape in the density of 3D.

During the past few months, I have noticed that many people are having difficulty in fully recovering from post-flu states (shortness of breath, fatigue, headaches, muscular pains,…)
Bioresonance was particularly effective in finding prints as well as places (gastrointestinal villi, bronchi,…) inside our body where viruses like to lodge. I also observed that one session of bioresonance was enough for many of these patients to successfully rectify this situation in their bodies with immediate and long-lasting effect and that they regained the necessary energy to continue their healing processes.

The system within which we are invited to evolve increases considerably in energy, and many organisms also have some difficulty in integrating these frequency changes.
Here too, bioresonance can facilitate this process of homeostasis within matter, this receptacle for our states of Being (emotions, thoughts, etc.).

How does a bioresonance treatment take place ?

A two-phase treatment done trough a modern therapeutic tool derived from quantum physics. Its thorough database catalogues all the energy frequencies pertaining to the different systems of the human body as well as the environment in which we live.

1. Anamnesis

Biophysical measurement of the body and establishment of an anamnesis of the energy used to the maintenance of the homeostasis (balance) in the body.

2. Treatment

Treatment by impulse of electromagnetic waves in order to realign the natural frequency of the body which are parasitized by toxins of all kinds (environmental poisons, heavy metals , viruses, bacterium, endocrine disruptors, electrosmogs,…) as well caused by illness and/or trauma (shocks, injuries, muscular fatigue, surgical operations,..) in order to recover vital health more quickly and optimize other treatments.

Healing session on site only, time approximative 60min, cost 120.- chf


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Massage, foot reflexology and lymphatic drainage

Three more traditional healing techniques that require less explanation.


I listen to your body's needs in order to adapt the pressure and the type of oil to targeted areas requiring attention.

Foot reflexology

Apart from a few points along the tibia, this treatment is done without oil and focuses on the reflex points located at the level of our feet where there is a precise map of the whole organism. If some points may be painful during the treatment, afterwards you will feel like you are walking on clouds.

Lymphatic drainage

This treatment is also done without oil and on the whole body (parts adapted according to your needs) and produce a renew of the lymph, thus facilitating the detoxification process of the body, activating circulation, stimulating cell vitality and tissue regeneration.

Healing session on site only, time approximative 60min, cost 120.- chf

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Distant healing

There is a field of Information in which we are all inter-connected and in which we perceive a language that the heart is in resonance with. Connected to this field, the body can become a sensory antenna to the present information by letting pass what wants to pass and make room for new energies if the channel is open.

The cleansing work is done on a physical, emotional and mental level. More concretely, we set an appointment time where you can be calm, you send me a recent photo of your face and we start the treatment at the agreed time.

Before the first treatment, I prefer to receive as little information as possible, so as not to let my mind interfere in the dialogue of clairsentience that is established during the treatment. The matter speaks and the ramifications unravel so that the energy passes more freely. In parallel I also use some ancestral knowledge of Siberian tradition in order to balance the water-air-earth-fire elements within the organism. After the treatment, when you feel ready to talk, we call to discuss.

After three days, it is good to take another round together with a second treatment in order to feel what has stabilized in the material. If following, then it is according to your feelings but especially your work of integration, because the choice, in conscience to re-invite energies and the synergies which result from it, is yours.

Remote session, duration approximately 60min, cost 100.- chf
(*combo two treatments three days apart 150.- chf)


"What we call matter is in reality only specific dynamics of the domain in which we are immersed." Nassim Haramein

Starting from the hypothesis that everything that exists in matter can be transcribed in digital sequence, this treatment is carried out with a device developed by Berkana laboratories on which is placed a DNA marker (here a lock of hair for the practical side ) in order to identify and target the "receptacle" of care once digital sequences have been introduced
These digital sequences, created by Yvon Combe, result from the anamnesis carried out together and from the momentary needs of the organism in order to facilitate homeostasis.

This treatment is a precious ally to the "balance of substances" provided by bioresonance, thus allowing me remote support for a treatment performed, just like other treatment techniques.

This treatment works on the physical, emotional and subtle domains of Being.

Remote session, minimum duration 15min per digital sequence


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