Alexandre Coudray

Happy to take a few steps together on this path of Being

Who am I ?

As a child, the poster of a native American Indian adorned the wall of my room with the message « Don't let your fears stand in the way of your dreams."

I no longer have the poster but this saying still guides my life.

After some very brief professional experiences as a primary school teacher, my passion for snowboarding naturally guided me towards a professional career as a freerider.

In these nine years of adventures and encounters around the world, I appreciated the wonder of our beautiful planet and all that is to be Human. I developed my skill in listening to the natural elements and their connection to my feelings while understanding the importance of the relationship to our adventures partners, as well as the environment in which we live. It became clear to me the power of the mind and the extraordinary capacity of the human body.

Fascinated ny the innate intelligence of the body, I subsequently immersed myself into studying naturopathy and a wide range of healing techniques at the school Epidaure IN Yverdon. After three inspiring years, I achieved the Swiss qualification of professional health practitioner.

In parallel, a new professional experience in the world of hospitality begins as manager in a private lodge and spa in the Swiss Alps for seven years. In this time, I combined a profound study of alternatives medicine with hotel management and tourism services while continuing to deepen my relationship with the human body and our fellow humans. My rapport with clients also allowed me the opportunity to provide a professional service facilitating the dream of a foreign family to settle in Switzerland which involved navigating administrative and real estate processes.

A short chapter then ensued, forcing me into a new direction. Life has its way to do when one stubbornly does not want to see the path ahead and align ourself with it! Within this push, I finally committed to prioritizing the path of healing in 2019.

My medecine is a patchwork in perpetual extension, tinged with the ancestral knowledge of the first peoples, naturopathy and quantum physics, and is evolving over the encounters skillfully orchestrated by the Grand All which govern us. 

Afterwards, All that is consciously done with love is an act of healing for this world, for this humanity…

What am I doing ?

Accompaniment to the Being through listening and different healing techniques, allowing an adaptive approach according to the needs and the situation.

Whether it is for a single session, a more elaborate individual follow-up or an AORA event, I am grateful that our paths cross here and will gladly answer your questions at the contact details provided on this page.

  • Yuruba 

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  • Bioresonance 

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  • Radionic

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  • Foot reflexology 

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  • Massage 

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  • Lymphatique drainage 

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  • Distant healing

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  • Habitat cleansing

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Where am I ?


Places of practice :

  • in Martigny . Click here for the itinerary
  • at your home for people unable to travel
  • from your location of choice for distant healing sessions

Alexandre Coudray


If interested, you can reach me by phone at +41 78 639 88 03 or by email at
You can also contact me trough Facebook and Instagram

Please do note that I only receive you by appointment.


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Here we go... A long distance session with Alex was a treat.
Alex is someone whose integrity is unquestionable and I felt extremely safe in his care.
It is important that energy healers are a pure channel and Alex is exactly that.
I felt like I was undergoing cosmic surgery and totally surrendered to his process which confirmed that we do not need to be physically present to be healed.
He saw exactly what was happening inside of me and did the necessary to rebalance what needed attention.
I felt totally energized and aligned after my session.
Alex’s human technology has no limits and his highly developed healing skills are the result of his deep desire to heal people either in person or long distance.
I feel privileged and grateful to have experienced/received his powerful healing.

I was surprised at how powerful the sessions with Alex were, as I live at a great distance in Melbourne Australia.
It really was at the most perfect timing as it supported me through a major life shift.
The work became a container to hold space for me to move effortlessly into following and speaking my truth.
Everything became clear and I felt safely held and grounded throughout the process by Alex.
And what you would expect to follow from this big life shift simply did not.
Instead it was replaced by ease, flow, freedom and grace.
With love and so much gratitude

Was it serendipity or providence, that brought Alex into my life, I don’t know. Meeting Alex had brought so many blessings & so much insight to my life. Many wonderful transformations have ensued, too many to recount. It’s like a ‘portal of grace’ is opened each time I have a session, and in that space a precious gift of healing is passed to me – a gift I barely understand but most definitely cherish. To reflect on this ‘gift’ (and the healing that has occurred) leaves me in admiration and astonishment, and it fills me with immense gratitude. Remarkable would be an understatement. Alex is an extraordinary individual, bringing not only beautiful intuition and deep compassion to his sessions but also true equanimity. Alex is able to hold a space of such unconditional acceptance and intrinsic wholeness such that healing occurs at the deepest of levels. You are in good hands and if you choose to have sessions.

I did several distant healing sessions with Alex, his care helped me a lot for my pain and also to unblock my energy and rebalance my organs. At the end of each session he channels everything he felt during the treatment, this helped me a lot to understand and become aware of my blockages, as my emotions and to get out of my limiting beliefs. I highly recommend it. Gratitude to you Alex

At the bottom of the tumult of suffocating stress.. when I felt myself derailed at high speed overwhelmed by an overwhelming weight.. These few moments lying at home and without understanding how, this suffocating weight seemed to evaporate.. I found the breath, a lightness of movement necessary for breathing and thinking.. This moment suspended marking the first decisive step towards a long-awaited convalescence. THANK YOU!


When I get ready to put myself on Alexander’s table, I feel that for the next hour, time will not be linear and several dimensions will be reached so that I find an emotional, spiritual and physical alignment. He is attentive and listens to energies that inspire trust, relaxation, clarity and benevolence.

I had an incredible session with Alexandre who helped me enormously with a recurring back pain. The effects of her care were immediately felt and continued to work for the next few days. Alexandre works with a lot of professionalism and a beautiful, rooted energy that allows him to create and maintain a safe space for his clients. I strongly recommend to try the services he offers.

The distant healing session with Alexandre started even before we connected, I sensed his coming in the form of a falcon, a strange sensation. During the treatment, I felt like I was disconnected from space-time, as if in suspension. I would be unable to say how long it lasted. I felt an influx of energy coming in waves and vibrations and I was able to observe afterwards that it was right where he told me he had been working. Alexandre worked on every level of my being, very precisely, like a surgeon. I felt as if he had revived the energy circulation in my body. I felt more in the «flow» after the treatment, better aligned, energized. I thank him wholeheartedly for his magic and for the accuracy of his perceptions.

I was in Montreal, Alexandre, near Geneva. It was a Thursday at 9:00 am Montreal time, I lay down on my massage table and the first sensation that came was to feel the weight of my body and say: I’m here! Right after that, I started to feel a big difference between my right leg and my left leg, I felt more energy in my right leg and I felt very twisted; I also felt like someone was pulling on my leg. The feeling went to the other side, in fact, both legs balanced. Then it was my head that started to tingle… Then I felt the energy that came to my chest, and then it came down to my stomach, and I felt a little pain at the time. These energetic journeys were accompanied by small spasms, either of my legs, arms or my whole body. Sometimes I was breathless, or deep inhalations and short exhalations, as well as small ahhhhh liberators. In the end, a feeling of having a body in shining light invaded me with a big smile that gradually turned into tears, tears of comics, well rounded and heavy. I could feel how tears came from my head, then from my throat, then from my heart, plexus and navel… about 5 minutes later, taking the time to return to this reality, I was able to communicate with Alexandre to share this beautiful, enriching and awakening experience. Muchas gracias nuevamente Alexandre!!