Ilka Marcenay

Ilka Shamanka Marcenay

Bear Foot !

My name is Ilka and I am a Shamanic teacher and practitioner. I was born in Colorado, my mother is Canadian and my father was born in France. I have always been interested in different cultures and have been traveling around the globe receiving new teachings and healing technics. ​
A few years back, I was adopted by the Mi'kmaq tribe, from Eastern Canada. I am the oldest daughter of the White Horse Clan and run sweat lodges and carry the sacred pipe for these people.
My totem animal is the Bear, which represents strength, courage and emotional healing. The bear also symbolizes the subconscious (cave); the west is his cardinal direction and the earth is his element. The bear is connected to Mother earth and he is firmly grounded. He offers a solid base and support through difficult times. In Siberia, the word used for “bear” and a female shaman is the same!
I am the founder and head teacher of SHAMANKA's teachings. Shamanism and native ceremonies are at the center of my life and allow me to help people through my passions of teaching !

​To all my relation !


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