Devi Water bottle

Devi Water bottle

Devi Water Bottle cobalt blue, Sri Yantra

Devi Water is a social enterprise dedicated to the awareness, protection and regeneration of our most important resource: WATER.
Water is our most precious possession – clean, high quality water is the foundation of our lives and a balanced health.
It has now been scientifically proven that water absorbs sound waves, colours, shapes, words, even emotions and thoughts, changing its energy level – and affecting the person who drinks it.

Special Design & Glass
The cobalt blue 2-liter Devi Water bottle with handle absorbs the life force of the sun.
The design combines sacred geometries in the Golden Ratio, or Sectio aurea.
Structured sound frequencies were anchored in the glass over weeks.
It forms a symbiosis of numbers, mantras and sacred symbols.
The elements of this unique design give the Devi Water bottle the power to harmonize and revitalize the molecular structure of the water.
This can have an essential effect on our physical, energetic, emotional and mental bodies and increase our own level of vibration.

Devi Water for social projects
The Devi Water bottles have another special feature: a large part of the sales proceeds is invested in social projects, many of which aim to provide people and regions with clean water that do not naturally or easily have access to it.

Devi Water Bottle with "Sri Yantra" symbol
The Sri Yantra embodies the creative power as a union of the feminine and masculine aspects of the divine.
Capacity: approx. 2 liters
Beautiful, secure screw cap, covered with cork
info flyer Devi Water Bottle

*exist also with the flower of life design